Cloud Enablement

DISYS Implements Cloud Architecture, Increasing Security, Flexibility & Productivity

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  • Cloud Proof-of-Concept |
  • Cloud Design/Application Enablement |
  • Cloud Operations and Management |
  • Cloud Migration |

We understand CIOs are forced to deal with network storage & security issues based on today’s high-volume, high-speed demands. With these demands comes increased security concerns & the need for anytime, anywhere access.

Do You:

  • Need to upgrade network speed & capacity, but budget is tight?
  • Want more control in your BYOD environment?
  • Require impenetrable security & data integrity?
  • Wish to simplify system updates & compliance?
  • Demand a multi-user, single sign on platform?
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Our Cloud Enablement offerings streamline access while making updates, security & compliance easier through:

  • Low cost cloud packages where you only pay for what you use
  • Quick, efficient implementation thanks to long-standing partnership with industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Implementation of DISYS’ award-winning cloud management platform, Sirro for robust automated cloud management
  • User-friendly dashboards, with real-time insight into use, capacity and issues for quick resolution
  • Support of all major enterprise applications, allowing for maximum ROI on IT spends
  • Big data processing & analytics, providing reports to make critical IT decisions

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