Automated Testing

DISYS Delivers Testing Solutions Available Anytime, Anywhere & Increase Efficiency

  • Testing Efficiency Assessments |
  • Testing Roadmapping |
  • Testing Frameworks & Automation |
  • Agile Maturity Modules |
  • (Change from Quality Assurance) Quality Maturity Level Assessment |

A business’s success depends on the accuracy & efficiency of its systems. Without thorough & accurate testing, outages, errors and failures can affect the customer experience, business continuity and the bottom line.

Do You:

  • Need more information than manual testing provides?
  • Want to increase testing coverage?
    Require testing 24/7?
  • Wish to eliminate errors & time spent on testing?
  • Have issues justifying ROI on current testing practices?
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Our Automated Testing provides real-time insight & actionable information through:

  • Reducing app dev costs & errors with the DISYS TcoE framework
  • Detecting & resolving errors early, resulting in lower costs of repair
  • Delivery of fast & accurate development via agile maturity model (AMM)& independently evaluating current process & application
  • Lowering testing costs through geographically located testing facilities — including onshore, nearshore and offshore
  • The DISYS automation center of excellence housing hundreds of subject-matter experts & consultants to innovate the perfect solution

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