XtremeLabs provides global IT online training and lab solutions for training companies, enterprises, government, and educational organizations.

Automated Testing

A business’s success depends on the accuracy & efficiency of its systems. Without thorough & accurate testing, outages, errors and failures can affect the customer experience, business continuity and the bottom line.

Process Automation

Each year, thousands of man-hours are wasted performing repeatable tasks that could be easily automated to free up personnel for more important business work. Automation not only helps gain efficiency — it cuts operational costs & shortens overall process time.

Application Support

Every business has its own nuances & processes, requiring custom-built applications to improve business continuity & customer support. We know whether your applications are custom built or of-the-shelf, they require constant updates, tireless troubleshooting and never-ending security upgrades to run smoothly & meet the demand of the ever-changing consumer market.

Business Intelligence

Trying to make sense of huge amounts of data from multiple sources or flying completely blind when trying to set business strategy makes a company’s future uncertain. Clear, meaningful insight through reporting is needed to steer critical business decisions.

Enterprise Apps as a Service

When multiple software instances are performing the same task & legacy systems can’t talk to each other, business continuity & efficiency suffers. Updated processes, unified systems and comprehensive reporting help generate positive ROI, facilitate business planning and strategic growth.

Cloud Enablement

We understand CIOs are forced to deal with network storage & security issues based on today’s high-volume, high-speed demands. With these demands comes increased security concerns & the need for anytime, anywhere access.

Infrastructure Support Services

We realize today’s CIOs are tasked with more than keeping in-house networks operational. Growing enterprises have IT touch points in every department, executing business-critical operations. These demands require efficiency, precision and process certainty.