Workers Using the Cloud 10 Times More than their Bosses Think

May 28, 2013

Cloud computing services have become ubiquitous in workplaces worldwide, and employees have grown attached to using cloud-based apps for countless endeavors that improve their mobility, productivity and overall morale. While the cloud has improved offices' operations by leaps and bounds, still one problem remains – corporate IT officials remain largely unaware of how much their employees rely upon the cloud.

According to CiteWorld, the numbers are pretty alarming. The news source spoke with Skyhigh, a company that measures volumes of cloud apps being used within firewalls, and found that approximately 100 new cloud apps are popping up on the market each week. The typical business employee is using between 300 and 400 different apps. Employers, meanwhile, estimate their workers are only using around 25 or 30.

This massive difference between perception and reality is damaging for the technology industry. If IT officials aren't aware of how omnipresent the cloud has become, they won't be fully equipped to manage and protect their employees' data and application use.

"Cloud computing is massively disruptive to the IT industry," Rajiv Gupta, chief executive officer of Skyhigh, told CiteWorld.

Given this alarming trend, a few things should happen to improve businesses' cloud use practices.

Transparency between businesses and workers
For starters, it's important that companies and their employees do more to share information about their cloud app use. If the disparity between workers' cloud use and their employers' expectations is really tenfold, the responsibility lies with both parties. It's not just the fault of lazy bosses – employees must do more to keep their companies abreast of their technology use.

Consolidation of cloud apps
Some workers subscribe to dozens of different apps in the same general category, which is a waste of time and energy, not to mention a burden on IT departments. Companies could make their operations far more efficient by encouraging their personnel to consolidate their apps rather than spread themselves thin.

More emphasis on security
According to Business Insurance, cloud computing has had a profound effect on decreasing the risk of data breach attacks. This is encouraging news, but companies still must be vigilant to make sure their good fortune in this regard continues. Workers should keep using their cloud apps responsibly, and their IT bosses should make sure their data is well protected at all times.

The cloud brings enormous boosts in productivity to all industries. Their IT departments, however, must stay involved to keep operations running smoothly.