Windows XP security only becoming more pressing

April 9, 2014

The world of IT jobs is about to get interesting. The time has come for one of the most widely-used operating systems on the market to become outdated, and upcoming approaches to security are soon changing the paradigms of the industry.

According to CBS New York, support for Windows XP ended on April 8. While millions of people still use the operating system – as much as 30 percent of the overall market – they will soon need to develop a new strategy. While the operating system itself won't change, Microsoft will not release any more security updates, meaning any cracks found by hackers will remain unplugged. This gives businesses a tough choice.

As a result, IT security jobs will spike in the near future. Companies who decide to change their systems will need to implement brand-new systems for their overall technology usage. Those who hold steady, albeit temporarily, will need to up their security staffs in the short term to make sure any errors or holes in their coverage can be filled in the right situation. 

The strength of the system isn't just related to direct IT portals, as well. A number of ATMs and similar machinery will run on XP for a while longer, making the prospect of fixing security a multi-pronged issue.

One strong way to develop XP protection
PC World reported that there's a specific way businesses that run on XP can stay strong in the market without breaking the bank. Some applications would need to be built again on a new network. Instead, some operating systems like Windows 7 offer virtualization modes, where they can run a simulated version of the original operating system. By updating computers to this new operating system, running these applications can be done in a safe format and location, removing their users from any chances of being hacked or seeing other negative results.

It's also possible to run Windows XP in a more recently made operating system if a business uses a virtual machine. This borrows some of the resources of a piece of technology like hard disk space and RAM to operate a second type of computer. This allows for multiple computers to run on one machine. Having the layer of current technology protecting the virtualized format only serves to help businesses in the current day to save their security risks for another day.