Why SAP is instrumental to managing your business’ operations

June 12, 2013

Companies everywhere are looking for ERP business solutions that can help expedite business processes, and luckily, SAP can help them meet their needs. The German-based maker of business software is dedicated to helping companies manage their operations effectively, and what’s more, the company is working to adapt to new technologies.

DISYS and SAP have partnered for over a decade to deliver businesses the guidance they need. Here’s a look at two reasons why working with SAP is essential for companies today.

Emphasis on the cloud
SAP has been a leader in business solutions for years, but in 2013, the company has pledged itsrenewed focus on cloud technologies. According to a recent Reuters report, this shift should help the company get a leg up on its rivals by meeting a surging demand for cloud computing in today’s business world.

“In record time, we went from being a startup in the cloud to being one of the largest companies in the cloud,” SAP co-chief executive Jim Hagemann Snabe told the news organization.

Considering the massive reach of the cloud computing market today – Gartner expects it to grow 18.5 percent this year, to a global total of $131 billion – now is the perfect time for SAP to get more heavily involved in the cloud. The company spent $7.7 billion last year to buy Ariba and SuccessFactors, acquisitions that will no doubt help the company become more influential with businesses looking to improve their cloud capabilities.

The cloud allows businesses to get rid of bulky, expensive server systems and use network-based software for storing data remotely. The technology makes businesses more efficient, cost-effective and mobile.

Proven experience with ERP
In addition to its recent growth as a cloud provider, SAP has always worked to provide businesses with valuable tools needed for enterprise planning. The company’s resources help in a variety of areas, including business intelligence, human capital management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and product lifecycle management.

SAP’s solutions serve to take all business solutions and consolidate them into one centralized, easy-to-use system. The company strives to provide companies with solutions that are customizable and scalable, giving exactly the right amount of support to meet their specific business needs.

All companies, whether transitioning to the cloud or still reliant upon traditional business solutions, can benefit from working with SAP.