What hiring managers in IT jobs will expect

May 8, 2014

In the process of searching for IT jobs, it can be difficult to know exactly what a hiring manager will expect from your resume. Whether you're a young worker just starting out or you have some relatable experience, recent articles have shined a light on what your potential future bosses will want from you.

According to Information Week, one of the primary desires many hiring managers will have is that you're interested not only in the technology on the job, but the improvements and processes necessary in that tech's use. Many will ask you questions about your problem-solving experiences and expectations in a specific scenario or environment, and it's up to you to respond in the best way possible. Managers will be interested in your insights and potential changes in the typical scenario, and impressing them will take a realistic but helpful approach.

In many cases, you won't need to have extensive experience from a recent graduate. Being able to express your mobile solutions skills is one thing, but being able to relate your skills into relatable tasks you've completed will give them more ideas of your overall prowess and potential. Any industry-related experience, from internships to apps built, will look positive when considered in your overall hiring efforts and will pay off as a result.

Be prepared
Of course, the IT sector isn't explicitly focused on the logistics of a specific skill. Many companies will also want to make sure you're ready to join their ranks, and as such you should work toward better researching. Company news, industry expectations and market directions will all likely play a role into the direction the company's next efforts turn toward, and as such being as savvy as possible will pay off over time.

Certifications will also play a role, often a bigger one than diplomas might. As a result, you should emphasize any and all skills you can in the hiring process. Degrees show mastery of a subject, but certifications show competence at the very worst. That means that you shouldn't worry about the perception of your resume and instead focus on putting together a best potential effort toward showing your skills.

Network World notes that there are a variety of certifications high on hirers' demand lists, ranging from front-end development to network or systems security. Having any of these merits will only bode well for future hiring efforts.