Unexpected Boston Tech Boom Feels Staffing Growing Pains

August 3, 2016

When it comes to technology innovation, most think of the West Coast. Silicon Valley. Google. Microsoft. Apple.

But recent surges in Boston tech growth have made it a prime seat for top tech talent and emerging companies within the industry. Proving the point, 16 Boston-area tech firms have made it onto Deloitte’s North America Technology Fast 500 list. The list’s range varies from large, public tech companies based in Massachusetts such as HubSpot and Care.com and also includes many early-stage firms.

A recent Boston Business Journal article dubbed it ‘the tech invasion’ and states more than 1.8 million square feet of real estate has been taken up by tech firms in Boston’s Downtown area, around North Station.

Boston tech growthAlso, in early June, The French clean tech conglomerate Veolia announced they are following in General Electric’s footsteps and moving their corporate headquarters to Boston, according to radio station WBUR reports.

In preparation for the arrival of throngs of new tech talent, IT solutions and staffing companies are working to solidify positions as leaders in the talent market for the Boston area. “DISYS has long seen the value of Boston as a place where technology and innovation has grown by leaps and bounds,” said Mahfuz Ahmed, DISYS CEO. “We’ve planned for it and feel we are ahead of the curve in supplying top talent and innovative solutions for companies in the New England area.”

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), has 33 locations across the globe and has tremendous success within its Boston office, providing staffing solutions and global services to innovators across the East Coast. “There is definitely a sense among some technology firms that the Silicon Valley vibe just doesn’t fit their business goals or practices,” Ahmed said. “They want to break free of the long-held association it (Silicon Valley) has with innovation and break new ground – starting over, so to speak.”

The Boston Globe reported that 1 in 10 Massachusetts workers are employed in fields such as software, telecommunications and technology manufacturing making the state’s labor workforce the ‘techiest’ in the nation – edging out Virginia for the top spot. Currently, 286,000 tech jobs are contained within the small state – and Massachusetts.

“The Boston area and its suburbs aren’t having an issue with creating the tech jobs – there is an abundance of them due to this growth,” Ahmed said. “But they are actually having issues filling them.”

According to Boston.com, Massachusetts has recently been ranked as ‘one of the most difficult states in the country to hire tech workers,’ according to an index published by Massachusetts High Technology Council.

“The high demand and difficulty hiring qualified candidates are key indicators of the Tech Market’s strength in the Boston area,” said Jack Fellers, Managing Director, who is based in Boston. “That’s why it is vital that staffing firms like DISYS work diligently to find the most qualified, specialized candidates available to fill these important positions. DISYS sees this boom as not only a chance to put people to work, but an opportunity to showcase the power of our candidate network.”

With its global network of qualified, specialized candidates, DISYS’ presence in Boston has helped alleviate the staffing burden for many of the tech firms encountering growing pains within the region – especially in the area of software development and development engineers.

“The fact that we have an endless candidate pool spanning the globe has allowed us to help technology companies in the Boston area flourish and find the exact skillset they are looking for in a candidate,” Fellers said. “DISYS has been preparing for this for quite some time. We saw the potential in Boston and are now poised to help alleviate the staffing burden.”

NOTE: Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), Global Staffing and IT consulting firm based in McLean Virginia, has offices worldwide that are, on a daily basis, putting people back to work with companies who can utilize their highly-specialized skills and services. It’s Boston Office, located at 28 State Street has provided exceptional services to its clients in staffing and managed services since its inception in 2007. Spanning numerous industries including high technology, financial services and healthcare, DISYS’ Boston office comprises a team of IT professionals including Account Executives, Recruiters, and Human Resource Services Coordinators who strive to provide our Northeast clients with timely, cost-efficient solutions and services.

The DISYS Boston team is actively involved in Boston’s thriving IT community and leverages those networks to ensure DISYS stays on the cutting edge of current and emerging technologies and methodologies so we can effectively deliver those services to our clients.