Top 5 reasons to use staffing firms as your primary hiring strategy

June 3, 2015

Utilizing staffing firms has become an easier, more productive way for companies to fill their temporary, contract and full-time employment needs

Staffing FirmsNew numbers from CareerBuilder and the American Staffing Association say more than 90 percent of growing companies use placement firms to find the perfect candidate for their jobs – temporary, contract, or permanent – because they simply don’t have the time for the full vetting candidate process.

According to a report from the American Staffing Association, more than 14 million employees are provided with job and career opportunities each year through staffing firms – becoming one of the leading ways for professionals to find a position within their field.

Furthermore, CareerBuilder results show 90 percent of businesses say staffing firms give them flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times or when special projects are in the works and additional expertise is needed.

So if the stack of resumes on your desk isn’t reason enough, here are the top reasons it is time for you to let an agency fill your all-important positions:

Staffing Firms Find Talent Fast: Recruiting agencies use active and passive ways to recruit people into the talent pool network. Active talent is considered job-ready and the firm is ‘actively’ seeking the perfect placement for an individual. In March, staffing firms placed more than 312,000 people in jobs across America according to the American Staffing Association – up more than 8 percent over last year.

The numbers are constantly growing as job seekers are registering with firms to find positions that meet their individual professional needs. Recruiters at job firms spend time with each recruit to understand what their workplace goals are and conduct assessments on what the perfect placement would be.

Recruiters also search for passive talent – talent currently employed but might be looking for other opportunities. They do this through online resumes, online job profile screening through LinkedIn and other methods.

Lower New Employee Overhead: The vetting process for finding a candidate is tedious – and costly. Investopedia estimates companies, by the time a full-time employee is hired and fully trained and performing, invest anywhere from 1.5 times to 3.5 times the employees’ salary. These costs include benefit start-up costs, training, on-boarding and ramp up to an employee being full-responsibilities ready. The Investopedia article titled ‘The Cost Of Hiring A New Employee’ goes onto mention the hefty price tag of actually figuring out whether that employee is a good fit after being hired.

Staffing firms such as DISYS do this vetting for you. When it is a temporary employee or a contractor, the costs of these initial hire growing pains like background and criminal checks are absorbed by the firm itself as well as the benefits and sometimes training. And if the hire doesn’t fit, firms guarantee a replacement – insuring your company will find the right candidate.

Quality of Hire Top Notch: For smaller companies, it is difficult to get candidates who fit the bill on every level. Staffing firms utilize a talent pool ranging in the thousands to find the perfect candidate to fit the qualifications of a certain position. They spend time matching your job needs to that of the professional to help insure a perfect fit.

Try Before You Buy: Staffing firms take responsibility for meeting all of your position qualifications with their selected candidates. When a candidate is sent over on a contract or temporary basis, you are able to train them to your needs and decide whether, in the long run, you’d like to offer the candidate a permanent position. More than 60 percent of staffing firm employees are offered permanent positions after originally being hired on as temporary or contract – a number that is growing year over year.

Using a staffing firm also alleviates the burden of unemployment claims, so if you do choose to change the employee or terminate the contract all-together, the burden is not on you – it is on the agency.

Whether you are a small company or a large one, using a staffing firm helps you on all fronts – your productivity will increase as the screening process becomes shorter, And that space on your desk where resumes sit? Well, let’s just say you now have a place for that Disneyworld picture with your mother-in-law.

Note: If you are looking for temporary, contract or permanent placement employees, DISYS has an extensive talent pool of IT/Tech professionals. Our domestic and international network of offices allows us to respond quickly to even the largest requests, identify resources unknown to other firms, and deliver clockwork deployment. DISYS provides IT Staffing focused on quickly placing individuals with highly-specific skillsets that perfectly fit your IT needs. The firm also specializes in Business and Professional Staffing, utilizing a broad network of job seekers and proven recruiting processes to meet your specific staffing needs.