Top 3 in-demand Data Center Job Opportunities

June 11, 2013

For companies looking to employ ERP business solutions to streamline operations and improve their future outlooks, it's important to have funding, manpower and intellectual capital dedicated to processing data. For larger corporations, building entire data centers for analyzing industry information has become the norm – having dedicated data centers in-house enables companies to process massive volumes of information about their clients, their prospective customers and their industries at large.

In addition to providing tremendous benefits for companies, data centers also have the added benefit of offering a wealth of IT jobs for qualified professionals. Here's a look at a few positions that data centers have opened up for today's generation of tech job-seekers.

Data analysts
The lifeblood of a corporate data center is its analysis team. Data analysts are charged with a Herculean task, as they're asked to delve into impossibly large clusters of information and distil only the most relevant statistical trends. According to Information Technology Crossing, an analyst's job demands versatility, as the employee must be able to research data, analyze it and propose tangible business changes as a result. The job can be tricky, as sometimes data analysis turns up false correlations if a sample is small or biased. Analysts must sift through large volumes of information and make difficult judgment calls that significantly impact the futures of their organizations.

Operating a data center comes with significant technical demands. Because data these days is stored either on massive servers or on cloud networks, technicians must be well-versed in how to manage different storage resources and troubleshoot them when things go wrong. Sébastien Delneste, a data technician at Google, says that his job includes repairing servers, diagnosing problems and improving future repair cycles so that servers are as available as possible in the future. Broken devices and power outages also cause headaches for data technicians.

Corporate executives
For analysts who work their way to the top of their companies' data centers, there can sometimes be opportunities for promotion to the next level. Once IT workers in data analysis positions become comfortable making tough decisions about the futures of their companies, they can prove themselves ready for management roles.

Because data analysis is a growing field that's taking on greater importance in the business world, companies are increasingly allowing their employees to work their way up from the data center to the front office. Data is more important now than ever before, and it's shifting the corporate paradigm.