Tools to improve mobile solutions development for iOS, Android

April 14, 2014

Those working to improve mobile solutions in a number of different corners of the development community may need an occasional tool or tip that can help the standards of their products. Luckily, there are a number of different tools that can help the business aspects of almost any company.

According to GoMoNews, there are a number of different application tools that can help the creation of iOS apps. Sweb Apps, for one, offers coding platforms specifically without coding. The online platform allows for a new level of control for those without experience developing their own ends. Users can control everything from templates to graphics, and can even test out the users' front end of the platform.

Others include Kanchoo, which is a platform to build an app itself on a platform that would be completely self-contained. This outlet it simplistic, but allows for a number of news outlets to get their information onto the Internet. Still more can range from eBook creators to app builders that hold content for their platforms, all of which can help smaller businesses and novice users alike to get their information and ideas onto the app store.

In the long term, while using these platforms can help new users find better methods of delivery, they won't detract from the importance of learning development skills. As such, workers should make sure their efforts are combined with new learning efforts.

Developing for both languages
When developers want to string their efforts between multiple efforts, InfoWorld reports there's another tool that can heavily ease the process. By using Embarcadero Technologies' Appmethod, developers can unify their iOS and Android development efforts under one roof. It does so by allowing developers to write and maintain a code base that runs on iOS, Android and desktop platforms alike. The first release uses the programming language Object Pascal, while its first update is likely to introduce C++ language abilities.

This is expected to help workers out, as they're increasingly asked to write mobile applications in both iOS and Android platforms as well as for Windows and Apple desktop platforms. In many cases, these applications must be written from scratch for each operating system, and then different languages and libraries on top of those. This leads to IT expenses growing heavily with the wrong approach. Such tools are vital to help workers ease their duties in the long-term.