The heavy business influence of mobile technologies

May 6, 2015

A growing number of business leaders are leveraging new mobile technologies to streamline operations and get the most out their work days

A growing number of business leaders are leveraging new corporate technologies to streamline operations and get the most out their work days.Despite widespread security concerns, cloud computing is on the rise. IT managers are expanding data center storage capacity to globalize workforces and optimize employee efficiencies. And in the past few years, mobile innovations have swiftly proliferated as well.

Data-driven enterprises recognize the inherent flexibility of mobile apps and devices. Employees can conduct standard tasks on the road and in faster ways than ever before. The emergence of mobile technology has also caught the attention of millennials and investors – two of the most influential demographics in the business world. As a result, chief executives are adapting their business models and making room for mobile technologies.

Millennials respond to mobile functionality
A recent report by Oracle noted that 55 percent of millennials said that a poor mobile app experience would make them less likely to use a company’s services. The same report also found that 39 percent of millennials would be less likely to recommend a company’s services after a poor app experience.

At the same time, 73 percent of respondents said that they like having the ability to purchase a product through a mobile app, Oracle reported. These figures represent the strong sway of an app experience on millennial consumer behaviors.

“Apps for smartphones and tablets should not be developed independently from each other,” said Suhas Uliyar, the vice president of mobile strategy and product management at Oracle. “Many millennials own multiple connected devices, and businesses will need to deliver a consistent, high-quality app experience across all of these if they want to add value for their customers.”

Capriza secures $27 million investment
Capriza, a mobile-enabling business in Palo Alto, California, announced that it has raised $27 million in a Series C round of funding. The company fits a major market demand by helping data-heavy businesses transition to mobile solutions. The company plans on using the capital to expand its market reach and continue to bring forward-thinking enterprises into the mobile era.

“The current business applications landscape is undergoing a massive transition from complex, desktop-based applications into highly personalized, snack-sized contextual business apps that enable modern workforce mobility,” said Yuval Scarlat, the co-founder and CEO of Capriza. “Existing business applications suffer from poor user adoption and were never designed with mobility in mind.”