The debate on cloud merging

July 18, 2014

Many company executives today are faced with big questions regarding whether to move the company's data to the cloud. While this technology is the wave of the future, right now businesses not utilizing it are proceeding with great caution when it comes to making the merge.

A recent CloudTweaks article outlined some of the steps a company manager may wish to consider before jumping head-long into the cloud

Cost savings are considerable
Moving to the cloud can be very beneficial to a businesses' bottom line. Cost savings are reported, according to CloudTweaks, by most enterprises merging with the cloud. Hardware and software costs are reduced, and if a company is in the cloud, they can manage their operations with fewer IT jobs. The cloud also increases scalability, because it is a pay as you go system. If a business needs more capacity, they can buy it without adding infrastructure or jobs.

Maintenance costs also diminish
Because the hardware and server equipment are no longer kept on-site, the cost of maintenance and day-to-day operations is also cut by a considerable margin, said CloudTweaks. Disaster recovery is up to four times faster than traditional methods, noted the report, and with electricity costs down, the company is more environmentally conscious and cost-effective. Security is also tighter with less potential for unauthorized access that could lead to breaches and data losses.

Cons of cloud merging
One of the big concerns among company executives is the perceived loss of control when merging private data into the cloud. Even though the data is safe and secure at an off-site location, the fact that an active connection must be maintained at all times means the company really needs to trust their provider. A recent poll conducted by The Economist indicated that 60 percent of more than 3600 respondents felt that storing data in the cloud was not the best idea. Technical problems and potential downtime from off-site server maintenance or technical difficulties are also areas companies need to explore before coming to a firm decision on whether to cloud merge, said the CloudTweaks report.

Finding the right IT service company can make the cloud transition a smooth one, but companies are urged to do serious research and find out what provider options are available, so they can find a plan that best suits their operational strategy before making a decision of such importance.