The cloud is the new normal for businesses

November 21, 2014

One of the most talked about sound bites from the Amazon Web Services re:invent Conference this past week was AWS senior VP Andy Jassy's assertion that cloud computing is the new normal for businesses.

"It seems pretty apparent at this point that cloud has become the new normal. Companies of every size are deploying new applications by default to the cloud and large companies are trying to work out how to migrate more of their applications as fast as possible to the cloud," Jassy said at the conference, according to IT Pro Portal.

Cloud computing the standard for new and established businesses alike
Both the reach and the capabilities of cloud-based business solutions have expanded at an impressive rate over just the last few years. Cloud Pro reported that businesses are buying into the fact that they can make their operations more agile by adopting cloud computing applications and hardware, often to the point where CIOs are looking at the cloud before they consider on-premise IT infrastructure.

What is making the cloud so attractive is the fact that providers are locked in a fierce price war that is knocking the cost of cloud storage down by a considerable amount. To get out of the race to the bottom, providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google are trying to find other cloud services like Office applications, relational databases and other in-demand functions in addition to storage.

Big businesses create a trickle down effect
The world of commerce is often a game of copycat. As large enterprises have success with the cloud, others are going to be quick to follow. IT Pro Portal noted that when the CIA adopted AWS as a cloud provider, other major organizations followed suit almost immediately. Now, companies like Spotify, Pinterest, Johnson & Johnson and even the MLB are using AWS for cloud storage.

"[After news of that broke] more of our customers would say, 'if it's secure enough for the CIA to us, it's probably secure enough for us too,'" Jassy said.

This has led Amazon to invest more in its partner network, offering additional functionality along with training and certification courses that will make its service even more attractive to prospective customers. With additional investments in cloud services, as well as an increasing familiarity with the technology, cloud computing looks poised to become the new standard for IT infrastructure.