TechServe Alliance Reports Modest Uptick in IT Employment for January

February 21, 2013

While the nation at large has economically seen better days, the IT industry continues to prosper. TechServe Alliance reports that IT jobs increased by almost 0.4 percent in January, up 15,800 to a total of 4,339,800.

TechServe also announced that IT employment has grown by more than 4 percent since January of last year.

"I am pleased to see IT employment growth is off to a strong start in 2013," TechServe CEO Mark Roberts said. "Despite the lingering uncertainty with the U.S. and global economies, I anticipate demand for IT professionals will remain robust throughout 2013."

It's unclear, though, whether the U.S. should expect this prosperity to continue. Gartner research director Darryl Carlton told Technology Spectator that Asian companies, primarily in China, India and Korea, will drive much of the growth in 2013. The rest of the sector may lag behind.

China especially is expected to thrive, as Gartner projects Chinese brands to produce three of the world's top five mobile handsets in 2013. Inexpensive devices are expected to dominate the markets for smartphones and tablets this year.