Tech Startups Offer Steady Stream of Available IT Jobs

May 8, 2013

The job market in the United States has been slowly on the mend for the last four years, but for young people looking to find employment in the tech sector, startup companies might be the answer. The landscape for IT jobs is very competitive, but by getting into a business on the ground floor, budding professionals can find influential positions for themselves at the starts of their careers.

According to Fox Business, the vast majority of tech startups are seeing rapid growth. The news source cited a recent survey from Silicon Valley Bank finding that 87 percent of such companies plan to increase their head counts in 2013, and most of the employment opportunities are seen in software companies.

"Generally, the tech sector is performing well, so some of this is driven by the fact that these companies are in a broader segment that is hiring," Silicon Valley Bank Vice President of Public Policy Mary Dent told the news source. "Startups are also unique. By virtue of their stage in development, startups' ability to succeed depends on their ability to grow. They are just starting out, so they need a little bit of everything."

There are many pros and cons for workers who are considering getting on board with a startup.

The good
For many, landing a position at a startup company is a more manageable task than fighting in a vast sea of applicants for a job at an established tech corporation. Rather than competing with older, more experienced professionals, recent graduates can team up with like-minded people who share their intellectual interests and career aspirations, giving them a chance to make a difference from day one.

The bad
Fox Business explains that for many, the downside of a startup job is its instability. If one has the right skills for a job, a startup can be a promising career move, but there are no guarantees about the move being financially secure in the long term.

"The biggest con to working in a startup is the uncertainty," startup blogger Kathy Ver Eecke said. "You don't know if the company will make it. You don't know if the company will make payroll from week to week. You don't know if you'll have a job tomorrow."

For those looking to find prosperous IT jobs, a startup position might be a shrewd career move. But young professionals should proceed with caution, lest they find themselves in jobs that lack long-term security.