Survey: Cloud Computing Improves Storage, Data Recovery Capabilities

January 21, 2013

Cloud computing may be considered an adolescent technology, but it has already achieved a status of top-notch popularity.

A recent study by Symantec found that in 2013, 90 percent of organizations will have at least talked about adding cloud-based solutions. However, among the organizations that have already adopted the cloud, many voiced concerns about rogue cloud implementations, inefficient storage and complicated data backup and recovery issues.

The keys to overcoming these obstacles are simple, according to Francis deSouza, group president of enterprise products and services at Symantec – and the potential benefits are huge.

“By taking control of cloud deployments, companies can seize advantage of the flexibility and cost savings associated with the cloud, while minimizing the data control and security risks linked with rogue cloud use,” deSouza said.

Meanwhile, a separate survey by Twin Strata found that several of those concerns – notably the cloud’s storage and data recovery capabilities – may actually be some of cloud computing’s strengths.

“Organizations require immediate solutions to problems such as rapidly escalating data growth and disaster recovery requirements,” said an analyst at Twin Strata. “The ability to implement cloud storage incrementally at first and to grow it over time, provides a unique opportunity for organizations to solve their immediate problems while testing the viability a long-term storage strategy.”

According to the study, more than two-thirds of respondents who have yet to implement cloud storage said they felt as though they were constantly running out of storage space. Current cloud storage users, on the other hand, scored 20 percentage points lower. In addition, nearly 70 percent said that data protection for disaster recovery was one of the top advantages of cloud storage, while 80 percent said they could recover data within a day.

Scalability was found to the be the most valuable aspect of cloud storage, according to the survey.