Staffing Firms Add Significant Jobs in July

August 22, 2016

The latest report from the United States Bureau of Labor & Statistics (BLS) indicates the staffing industry put more than 17,000 people to work in the month of July, up .6% from June and more than 1.9% higher than the same month last year. These increases, which are seasonally adjusted, also indicate year-to-year staffing job growth averaged about 2.4%.

peopleThe estimation for the actual number of jobs in the US economy says temporary help decreased 1.2% from June to July, consistent with historical July employment patterns. But year-to-year data saw an increase of .9% over last year.

“These numbers are very encouraging for those looking for work and for firms who are helping put quality people in top jobs,” said Mark Johnson, Managing Director of the DISYS Diversified Vertical. “The key indicators suggest there is slow, but steady growth across most business sectors.”

Total US nonfarm payroll employment’s seasonally adjusted report July saw an increase of 255,000 jobs. This number, along with the adjusted numbers for the last three months, shows an average of 190,000 jobs being added per month – slightly less than the average of 206,000 over the last 12 months.

“Companies are being very strategic and cautious in their hiring practices,” Johnson said. “The political climate plays into this caution and the desire to be continually flexible amidst economic uncertainty. Luckily DISYS has been able to remain responsive to rapidly changing client needs.”

The unemployment rate in July saw a minimal increase from June at 4.9%.

With the release of the July numbers, the BLS released June’s preliminary data for search and placement services – which, seasonally adjusted, decreased 1.3% from May. Search and placement jobs also were adjusted from preliminary estimates to 314,000 in June, 5.4% higher than the same month last year.

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), Global Staffing and IT consulting firm based in McLean Virginia, has offices worldwide that are, on a daily basis, putting people back to work with companies who can utilize their highly-specialized skills and services.

“The private sector is being cautious – we are seeing a higher demand for temporary work with the option to go full-time after a ‘testing’ period,” Johnson said. “This not only indicates that all industries are being tentative about hiring full time but are dedicated to hiring the right talent for their open positions.”

Note: If you are looking for temporary, contract or permanent placement employees, DISYS has an extensive talent pool of IT/Tech/Finance professionals. Our domestic and international network of offices allows us to respond quickly to even the largest requests, identify resources unknown to other firms, and deliver clockwork deployment. DISYS provides IT Staffing focused on quickly placing individuals with highly-specific skillsets that perfectly fit your IT needs. The firm also specializes in Business and Professional Staffing , utilizing a broad network of job seekers and proven recruiting processes to meet your specific staffing needs.