Staffing Employment Flat in August & Virtually Unchanged in Q2

September 26, 2016

With June and July seeing marginal improvements, the Bureau of Labor & Statistics (BLS) August Staffing Employment data indicates little to no change from the July numbers.

Temporary help employment went down .1% — 3,100 jobs – according to the seasonally adjusted data. And while the August 2016 percentage is slightly higher than last year, (+1.2%) the year-to-year staffing growth is currently capped at 2.2% per month.

“It is not unusual for us in the staffing industry to see a slight dip at the end of Q2 as companies gear up for the end of their fiscal year,” said Maruf Ahmed, President and COO at DISYS. “Employers start to really study their employment needs and cut when possible.”

Nonseasonally adjusted BLS data, that estimates the actual number of jobs in the economy, indicated temporary help employment increased 2% and added nearly 58,000 additional part-time/temporary positions into the workforce.

When looking at the BLS data for Q2 of this year, staffing companies employed an average of 3.17 million temporary and contract workers per week. And while this number seems staggering, it is virtually unchanged from Q2 of 2015.

In comparison with Q1 of this year, staffing employment was up 2.9% from last year and temporary and contract staffing sales increased 3%.

“The changes in Q1/Q2 are small but there is still improvement there,” Ahmed said. “As the year plays out, we are hoping businesses will more optimistically hire vs. constraining their employment needs so we can end 2016 strong.”

Data from the BLS, though, has also indicated that for the better part of 2016, employers have had a hard time finding candidates that truly fit the unique skillsets their open positions require.

“Despite the tightening of the labor market, we are still seeing a shortage of qualified workers across many sectors,” Ahmed said. “This is good news for those who are specialized in their employment skillsets.”

Specifically to address that shortage, DISYS created the Amplify Program: A game-changing partnership with Capella Learning Solutions and CareerBuilder offering a complete staffing solution that covers sourcing, hiring, onboarding and the training of specialized IT professionals.

“This program is tailor-made for those hard-to-fill positions requiring specialized training, skillsets and onboarding,” Ahmed said. “Amplify is a low-risk hiring solution that produces candidates that are technically sound and groomed to be successful in a clients’ unique, specialized environment.”

For more information on The Amplify Program, contact DISYS at 630-627-5091

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