Recruiting Intelligence: Improving Client-Vendor Partnership

October 12, 2015

Staffing Industry AnalystsIn finding top talent for our clients, recruiters are often seen as merely a stepping stone in the supply chain rather than a critical source of market intelligence to aid clients in better shaping their needs and expectations.

Recruiting cycles are often wasted when recruiters are tasked with finding candidate profiles rigidly constructed by a company, based on undefined expectations and limited or out-of-date market data. But recruiters can be a valuable bridge between client expectations and market realities and should be used as a resource to ensure clients get the best outcome possible in the shortest amount of time.

There are many reasons companies create new job openings; almost all are driven by internal needs. Rarely, if ever, is consideration given to the market dynamics that will make it possible to find the right person for the new role.

This article, written by DISYS Executive Director of Delivery and Recruiting Operations Matt Chamberlain, appears on ‘The Staffing Stream.’ Read the full article,‘Recruiting Intelligence: Improving Client-Vendor Partnership’ here.