Press Release: DISYS Releases Whitepaper on ‘Bridging the Gap: The Digital Oilfield & Its Data’

June 15, 2016

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With valuable institutional and experiential knowledge being lost daily by retiring and experienced workers, the oil field industry is facing a gap in its workforce experience.

Couple that with the advent and importance of the Digital Oilfield, and you have an industry that is trying to regain its footing in the marketplace among sliding consumer and manufacturer confidence.

To speak to these issues, Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) has published a new whitepaper entitled, “Bridging the Gap: The Digital Oilfield & Its Data.”

“Understanding what is happening in the market of one of our most valuable resources is extremely important,” said Ashish Srivastava, VP of DISYS’ Energy services group. “We want the Oil and Gas industry to know DISYS understands their concerns and is solving their critical problems every single day.”

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