Predictions for the future of cloud computing

May 16, 2014

In the past few years alone, there have been many huge developments that have completely changed the expectations of the cloud computing market. That's only the start. Through the end of this decade and beyond, the technology of the cloud will continue to evolve in new and interesting ways.

One of the biggest differences in the cloud market is that it will continue to shift business to the Internet, according to Forbes. But that's just one new direction, as it's expected that the cloud will soon help digital avenues and channels combine in time. 

That means that in the coming years, the cloud will touch every corner of the tech industry. Mobile access, social communication and new innovations will increasingly blur their lines thanks to the storage changes in the market, driving different aspects of technology into entirely new contexts. 

With that, there will also be changes down to the core of many different networks. As the cloud becomes more affordable and more technologically impressive at the same time, it's expected that the information it holds will continue to shift its directions. Big data collection and the analysis it requires will both see new directions, with each predicted to take on a more directly relevant role with cloud-based technology.

May help market predictions
Some are also using the cloud to go further than just improving some aspects of their normal business needs, such as market predictions, largely due to these aspects of big data, Wired reported. With cloud services, it's possible to get immediate feedback and results about how sales are affected by a specific change in company policy, which helps you gain more information about future market directions in the process.

This analysis can then be put into a futuristic context as much as a past one. Based on the specific information collected, users only need to plug in specific information about their upcoming needs or potential choices, which can result in illuminating ideas for the near future of the market. 

It's expected that this can go even further than just analyzing the prospects of business success. In effect, with some services, it will be possible for some operations to analyze and keep track of different pieces of technology being introduced into the market. If these use the cloud in their own processes, it will be easy to see exactly what is and isn't catching on with consumers.