Nonprofits to Adopt New Technologies at Rapid Rates, Study Predicts

January 10, 2013

The corporate world has undergone a dramatic change during the past few years, as innovative technologies have become increasingly available.

However, it isn't just enterprises that are enjoying these benefits. According to a recent report by Blackbaud, nonprofit organizations are expected to rapidly adopt new technologies in 2013.

"While challenges certainly exist for the nonprofit sector, there are also opportunities for organizations to use technology to deliver on their missions in a very effective, scalable and real-time way," said Marc Chardon, president and CEO at Blackbaud.

The study predicted that many nonprofits will undergo full-scale implementation of mobile solutions and cloud computing applications. As a result of these technologies, and the vast amounts of data they produce, big data analytics may also emerge in the nonprofit sector in 2013.

In a recent blog for CloudTweaks, Rick Blaisdell, CTO at ConnectEdu, predicted that this integration of cloud computing and enterprise mobility will mark one of the major trends in the near future. As more of the workforce continues to go mobile, the need for cloud-based applications, which allow employees to access these programs remotely, will continue to rise as well.