New tools may make mobile solutions more accessible

March 27, 2014

In the world of mobile solutions, nothing helps workers improve their development processes quite like a new product that eases their production needs. There are an increasing number of products like this released almost every day, meaning the battle of mobile development versus responsive web design may soon shift.

According to Adobe, the company has released a new set of tools that will heavily ease the needs of a number of mobile app development workers whose practices are common in the market. The new Adobe Marketing Cloud is aimed to help users better create, manage and deliver their mobile apps that utilize the cloud for purchasing and financial needs. While this tool is specifically aimed at improving marketing development abilities, it's just one of the many advances currently reaching the consumer market.

The Marketing Cloud uses analysis of engagement combined with mobile experiences across devices to provide users with streamlined production needs. Location-based content can be delivered in real time, while user engagement can be directly tracked and improved to help users improve their return on investment. Specific features available range from providing new means to create apps across multiple operating systems and help them meet time-to-market demands. In addition, content-centric development and measurement of mobile marketing campaigns are also easier to harness.

Changes development parameter dilemma
New provisions for development are especially important considering the gap between mobile app creation and responsive web design, according to WhaTech. Many businesses are caught in the middle of this dilemma, unable to determine whether it would be a better strategy to focus on improving their websites for mobile users or making an app to specifically fit that market.

The main issue with creation in this light is its cost. Mobile applications are normally more expensive than web design. However, the use of these tools may help fight that consideration. It's also important to consider the approval process, which can bog down the usual app if the slightest issue is noticed in its code. Again, new development tools help to improve this difference, as apps can be developed faster and safer if their developers gain assistance from outside the market.

Most notably, mobile apps provide faster user speed than the average website, as well as more features and accessibility. This will further improve the development differences, with those in charge able to find new means that can further improve the functionality of their apps.