New Technologies Could Continue to Drive High-Tech Sector Growth

January 31, 2013

IT service companies should expect to remain busy in 2013, as organizations continue to implement new technologies rapidly. A recent CompTIA study found that this strong demand for technology could produce a 3 percent grow rate for the worldwide high-tech industry – although certain economic factors could prevent it from reaching its full 5.2 percent growth-rate potential.

“Reaching the upside of the forecast range will require macroeconomic stability, steady business confidence and healthy customers,” said Tim Herbert, vice president of research at CompTIA. “There is good reason to believe the IT industry will hit the upside of growth projections, but there is still enough uncertainty to warrant caution.”

As a result, many organizations are allowing their employees to use personal devices to perform work-related functions. A separate study by Avanade found that more than 60 percent of workers now use personal devices, with 54 percent using smartphones and 33 percent using tablets. In addition, one-third of respondents said their employees perform important business functions on their tablets.

At the same time, the survey indicated that companies may want to adopt more mobile solutions for workers to use, as these tools have led to better sales numbers (cited by 73 percent of respondents), higher profits (54 percent) and improved employee satisfaction (37 percent).