New services, focuses changing cloud computing market

March 31, 2014

The last month has been a huge one for the world of cloud computing. In the last weeks alone, The New York Times reported that Google harmonized its cloud services, dropping the price in the process. Cisco announced an investment of about $1 billion into improving its cloud accessibility, while also helping to set new standards for data engineering. Microsoft released its Office platform for the iPad, Intel invested in Cloudera and Amazon released new desktop cloud computing features.

Together, these moves signal a sea change in the IT industry. With a number of different deals in place, many analysts expect the market to explode in a way in the near future. The cloud transformed from a pipe dream into a way to send files, music, video and business that had never been seen before, and the long-term effects on the market are expected to push it into the next universe.

Colleges and even high schools are now teaching classes about harnessing the cloud, with building applications on commodity hardware possibly becoming a future prerequisite in the world of IT jobs. Businesses will be able to more easily and fully put their efforts into the cloud market as a whole. Expectations for the near future of the market are still being made, but one key step that definitely won't be forgotten is that the cloud's becoming more accessible as a whole.

Specific areas of focus
InfoWorld noted that there are a number of new steps from these advances that will specifically drive the next few years of the cloud market. Key in point is the new rush to infrastructure-as-a-service, which is what Cisco is developing for its OpenStack intercloud. This means that in the near future, companies may be able to purchase their own high-end structure for the market based off different verticals. While price reductions in the market aren't expected to pay off in the outright long-run, they'll make the cloud as a whole operate faster and more effectively for the many users who will be flocking to it for the first time.

Mobile solutions will likely also be changed by the cloud in the near future thanks to Google's efforts. Platform-as-a-service is going to grow in future adoptions, and many machines will allow developers to find new ways to create their programs themselves. With this PaaS platform expected to replace application servers, it will likely change the way many developers create their products.