New Orleans and Kansas City embrace women in tech

March 4, 2015

The recent upswing of the U.S. economy and the growth of in-office technologies such as cloud computing and BYOD has led to a wide range of employment opportunities. No matter the sector, business leaders are increasingly dependent on IT managers and tech engineers who can help ease their transition into the era of the digital workplace.

And despite its reputation as a male-heavy industry, the tech sector has become a welcoming place for women as well. In major cities across the U.S., women are taking important roles in IT and creating for themselves sustainable career paths. With these digital workplace innovations showing no signs of deceleration, it seems likely that women in the U.S. will continue to have an abundance of tech employment opportunities.

New Orleans is a great place for women in tech
SmartAsset, a financial solutions provider, recently conducted a study on tech employment and found that women hold approximately 36.5 percent of tech jobs in New Orleans, WWLTV reported. In the U.S., that mark trails only Washington D.C. In the Bay Area of California, the Mecca of all things technological, 21 to 27 percent of the workforce is female.

Meanwhile, the national average for a pay gap in the industry is at 15 percent. However in New Orleans, that figure shrinks to 4 percent.

“To think we are number two in the nation for women in technology, that’s really outstanding,” Michael Hecht, the president and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc., told the news outlet. “I think it begins to reinforce that greater New Orleans is developing this niche for having diversity and innovation.”

Kansas City, Missouri, also at the top
The SmartAsset survey was also quite complimentary of Kansas City, Missouri, according to The Kansas City Star. The report found that women in the area hold nearly 33 percent of all tech jobs, which is the third-highest rate of any recorded city.

Some of the most popular jobs for women in tech include software developers, information researchers, network architects and programmers. Meanwhile, the survey found that only Arlington, Texas, pays women the same or more than men in the tech field.

“In recent years, Kansas City has emerged as a leading city for tech startups, and perhaps the top tech city not on the West Coast or in the Northeast,” SmartAsset said, according to the publication. “Women have played an important role in that development and today Kansas City offers one of the country’s best environments for women in tech.”