New Hiring Protocol Key to Helping DISYS Accelerate Productivity

July 29, 2016

MCLEAN, Va – A new employee roadmap for improving retention among its full time employees is aimed at helping Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) create a sustainable, engaging workplace culture, lowering attrition and increasing employee morale.

The new program, dubbed ‘The Employee Life Cycle Management Protocol’ is an extensive roadmap encompassing hiring and development, coaching and the exiting process at DISYS.

“All companies know how to hire and how to separate from employees,” said Laura Smith, VP of Global Human Resources at DISYS. “But having a clear protocol in place that captures key strategies and outlines the process for an employee’s entire time within a company is a strategic step in fully understanding what needs to be done to make our employees happy and productive.”

It all starts with the hiring process: The hiring process incorporates behavioral assessments, extensive candidate evaluations and a guide to help potential candidates come in fully prepared to make immediate contributions.

“Going into an interview and impressing a hiring manager during a 20 minute conversation doesn’t always give a full picture of what a candidate has to offer,” Smith said. “This process is designed to bring out the best in candidates and gives hiring managers insight into asking the right questions and identifying the right candidate.”

The protocol also includes an invaluable component – the Key Impact Success Story (KISS) — a tool suite for in-house managers to create plans around employee goals, activities necessary to accomplish goals successfully, timelines, identifying challenges and also available solutions and training resources.

“So many times, employees are given a task but not fully informed on how to start, what the outcome should be or even what they can learn from it,” Smith said. “KISS is specifically designed to give our employees the insight they need to not only successfully complete a task, but give them the appropriate training and learning opportunities to achieve professional growth.”

Within the DISYS ‘Employee Life Cycle Protocol,’ there are steps employees can take for further professional advancement, an extensive mentoring program and plans to release new courses on a regular basis within the DISYS Learning Management System, ‘DISYS University.”

“Employee advancement and training is a touchpoint for almost every person, regardless of the job,” Laura Smith explains. “Our new protocol strives to find these opportunities to help employees advance and learn throughout their time at DISYS.”

And while the entire ‘Employee Life Cycle Protocol’ is designed to keep employees with DISYS longer, DISYS’ “NEXT” portion of the Protocol has employee exit procedures designed to help DISYS learn from exiting employees and provide further input into what keeps employees fulfilled during their time with DISYS.

“Many times, the exit of an employee is just as important as the hiring of a new employee,” Laura Smith said. “Companies can learn so much from a departing employee and we want to make sure we are constantly evolving and perfecting our processes to keep our people happy.”

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