New development language should drive new levels of cloud adoption

March 25, 2014

Cloud computing remains a strong aspect of the overall IT market, and new information in the market shows that its adoption has expanded heavily in recent years. With a new programming language hitting the market, it has the potential to grow even further.

According to Government Executive, while many professionals in the federal government feel that they lack expertise in adopting the cloud, its use is expanding heavily among a number of markets. From cost reduction to efficiency enhancement, many companies are adopting the cloud increasingly from email to overall server hosting.

Many of the benefits of the cloud, the news source noted, are thanks to its ease of use. Just as someone who pays for water can use it whenever they want, cloud users can access their services whenever they like. With on-demand and self-service access increasingly becoming available, the cloud continues to grow.

New development models growing
Further growth may have a new source of its power, according to InfoWorld. While standby languages like Java continue to be the most popular on the current market, that may soon change. Google's new Go programming language is cloud-centered, which gives users the ability to develop specifically for the cloud. This means that from mobile solutions to new application development, users will have the ability to improve their products and intentions strongly.

Go is a modern language written specifically for the cloud thanks to its ability to provide a number of different operations. Originally formed when developers were trying to improve C++ languages for cloud use, the language evolved and became a brand new form of doing business.

With newfound innovations in the market, this will likely allow the stretch of the cloud to continue expanding further in the near future. While its immediate adoption will likely take time, as users work to better understand its advantages and limitations, its long-term future is much brighter. A cloud-based development platform will allow users to find a newfound way to improve its standards, and creators are always looking for better tools. The lack of relative limitations and the improvement of development capabilities will combine and do a number to steadily improve the technology in a long-term means.

In the long-term, development improvements like these will only serve to further help the adoption of cloud products and tools alike. Such growth will help the market at large find new opportunities to expand services.