Must have IT skills for 2015

October 16, 2014

It's almost a banality to point out that tech is currently enjoying one of the hottest job markets in the entire United States. Few verticals can boast the high pay, low unemployment rates and abundance of interesting and challenging jobs that the tech world can offer. IT jobs in particular are proliferating, with the demand for skilled workers outstripping the supply.

One reason for this is that both the tech and non-tech worlds are seeing a need to incorporate IT solutions into the rest of their operations. Trends such as big data and mobile are taking commerce by storm, and smart companies know they need to capitalize on these new resources if they want to stay competitive in the future.

Taking advantage of the capabilities that savvy IT utilization can bring to a business means hiring the right people. The technology can never deliver to its full potential without talented people with the ability to coax out everything that IT can offer. For job seekers who want to know what skills they will need to be a top candidate and recruiters who want to know what skills they should be looking for in new hires, here is a list of the top skills that IT workers should have if they want to be well equipped to bring their business into the future.

Programming and application development – IT Business Edge reported that many employers find this position to be the hardest to fill. Several companies have stated that they want to move development to an in-house department and will pay a premium for talented developers.

Open source – Network World found that companies hiring for IT jobs are very interested in employees familiar with open source applications such as Puppet. Puppet is an open source automation tool that IT departments are using to be more agile and scalable.

Network managers and admins – As more and more business moves into the wireless and mobile environments, companies will need talented network admins to ensure that the entire infrastructure is running seamlessly and securely.

Cybersecurity – Data breaches can be devastating and that is why companies of all sizes are interested in employees that can help secure their networks and systems in addition to performing damage control in the event of a disaster.

Mobile developers and managers – The advent of the BYOD workplace means that more employees will expect to be able to work on their own mobile devices. Mobile developers and managers are tasked with ensuring that employees' devices are integrated and secure within the existing network.