Most popular IT jobs with future growth expected

May 2, 2014

For the past few decades, IT jobs have year-in, year-out been one of the most popular industries of all in the larger market. A number of news reports have shown that new technology is seeing better emphasis for job seekers.

Entrepreneur reported that 3-D printing was one of the most sought-after positions for IT employees in the first quarter of 2014. Between rendering, animation and modeling for the new technology, these positions jumped anywhere from 35 to 44 percent higher than in previous quarters. As the technology becomes more affordable, it's expected to take growing roles in everything from prototyping to software development that can allow more people to use the service.

Android is historically stronger than the iPhone in the overall market for cell phone sales, and as such, Android developer jobs are quickly growing in the market. Android development is growing "like wildfire," the news source said, and have seen a 34 percent increase in demand in the first three months of 2014. Apple's development platform is no slouch, however, as iPhone jobs have grown by about 32 percent from quarter to quarter in that time as well.

As a whole, mobile phone development at large, whether it means firmware or gaming development, has also seen growth of more than 35 percent in the last few months.

Web development seen as highly regarded
Fierce CIO added that one of IT's hottest jobs continues to be in web development. These individuals are responsible for designing, coding and modifying different websites, and their demand is growing across the board. A number of industries are in high demand for website building or redevelopment, with the end goal being an easy to use and intuitive design.

Statistics have shown that in the next eight years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 20 percent employment growth for web development, with more than 28,000 new positions created in that time. The main source for this growth is expected to be due to e-commerce. As more businesses turn to the Internet to better meet their clients' needs, web developers will need to build better, faster and stronger websites that can deal with the heavy demand. Mobile search needs are another reason for this growth. Responsive web design and HTML5 development styles are both growing, with new browser functionality expected to be found in the process. This will lead to heavier demand for code development and best practices alike.