Mobile tools that can help applicants for IT jobs

May 21, 2014

Workers in IT jobs know the power of the phone. In the past decade, cell phone games have gone from basic programming tools to high-end, million dollar projects, and that's just one of their many improvements. But there's another reason why job seekers should turn to the apps, as they're harnessing an entirely new level of power in the at-large job market.

According to eWeek, a recent study from hiring website platform Glassdoor found that nearly 90 percent of the job seekers they surveyed plan to use their mobile devices in the job search in the next year, which represents an increase of 7 points from less than a year ago. As such, these applicants should be wary of ignoring the very technology they may look to work with when looking for a position to work in.

New ways to search
Tech Republic reported that there are a number of new tools and apps that IT job seekers in particular can use as an advantage in their job searching. One such means is the Dice app, which allows seekers to search for customized job recommendations. They can also share and save different jobs depending on their desires using Dice. This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

For those job seekers who are dedicated to a mobile job search to the point of filing applications digitally in such a form, another app called Resume Builder Pro can adapt an existing LinkedIn account into a custom resume. This can then be exported as a PDF file, emailed, or uploaded to Dropbox after the development is completed.

There are even less typical options that have plenty of improvements. Jobrio, for instance, can support as many as 15 different job search engines at once, allowing applicants to see exactly what their region offers for computer programming jobs as one example. It also allows for notifications for new posts, allows the ability to save quick searches and research them in the future, and annotate potential matches.

Using these applications offer users a variety of potential improvements in their conduct, the least of which involves perceived reactions to speed. As many as 59 percent of job seekers believe that their odds of landing a job increase if they respond to a listing as soon as it's available. As such, using these apps can allow seekers to know exactly when a position goes up and help them apply as soon as possible.