Mobile solutions, security protections key skills in IT jobs

April 1, 2014

In IT jobs, it's important to keep an eye on growing trends and skills throughout the industry to make sure workers know what is expected to grow in necessity in the future. Recent industry reports have found that there are a number of skills meeting this requirement, many of which will be necessary for the growth of mobile development.

According to Top Tech News, enterprise mobile management is going to be a growing concerns with the popularity of the trend of bringing your own device to work. Staffers will soon need to be able to manage and secure their data across a number of different mobile devices, ranging from PCs and tablets to smartphones. While this brings new levels of accessibility and interactivity to the companies in question, it also poses a new question of the strength of data security. This brings a whole new level of risk management needs to the forefront of the average IT department.

Also important will be the strength of HTML5 markup language. The fifth version of HTML is more advanced than its prior releases, and while it will make porting mobile applications to different platforms easier, it also poses new challenges. It's still fragmented and somewhat immature, posing problems for implementation and security risks at times. Despite this, the popularity of the mobile web and hybrid applications will make it essential for organizations to improve their ability to deliver platforms. As such, having skills in controlling HTML5 will be vital.

Security, data analytics also important
In a conversation with a leading IT industry expert, IT Business Edge discovered that more skills than just mobile solutions are immediately necessary. One key skill that companies will only be pushing more toward in the near future concerns big data. Being able to harness and control a number of development, analysis and writing software programs will require skills in harnessing the information itself. With these skills, employees will be held in wide regard, helping a number of organizations improve their overall efficiency and business practices.

Intrusion detection is just as important to tech leaders. From the moment Target's security codes were broken and millions of credit card numbers were stolen, the topic has become white-hot in importance to almost every member of the industry. As such, being able to help keep important information under wraps will be a great skill that directly leads to workers finding new positions.