Mobile Solutions Imperative for Enterprises for BYOD, Improving Customer Experience

January 24, 2013

Enterprise mobility is no longer an option, although different companies require mobile solutions for separate reasons. 

According to a recent study by Good Technology, more than three-quarters of enterprises worldwide formally allow their employees to use personal devices for work, including 75 percent of companies with 2,000-plus employees. 

“This is no surprise to us since we hear every day from our customers how embracing BYOD has made their enterprises more productive, collaborative, and competitive than they ever were before,” said John Herrema , senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology.

Only 5 percent of those companies have yet to implement security plans, compared to 9 percent before, and many organizations allow their employees to practice bring your own device (BYOD) strategies while they’re out of the country. In order to reduce their workers’ need to download third-party applications – many of which contain malware – enterprises may want to adopt their own mobile solutions

But BYOD isn’t the only reason for businesses to implement company-based applications. With the rise of online shopping popularity, including on mobile devices, mobile solutions are needed as a means of improving the customer experience. Temkin Group recently released its list of core elements needed to achieve quality customer experience, ranking mobilizing as stage three. 

“Customer experience success requires more than superficial changes, companies need to embed a series of practices within the operating fabric of their organization,” said Bruce Temkin , customer experience transformist and managing partner of Temkin Group.

A recent Adobe study revealed that more than half of tablet users and 28 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to shop. In addition, the survey found that 60 percent of tablet users and 56 percent of smartphones owners will make a purchase using a shopping application within the next year.