Mobile solutions expected to change shape in 2014 and beyond

May 1, 2014

For a while now, mobile solutions have been one of the driving factors in the world of IT, as businesses everywhere try harder to find new avenues to reach their customers. The methods in which their processes have been changing just as much, and the transformations aren't expected to change anytime soon.

According to Business 2 Community, responsive web design is only one of many leading trends increasingly being found in web and mobile development. In the modern market, more applications will see a focus on smarter transitions between functions, hoping to replicate the mobile experience with easy entry and exit points. With retina and 4K screens becoming increasingly popular, more consumers will want to see the best aesthetics possible in their development styles.

It's also a common prediction that HTML5 development will continue to blur the lines of what mobile and web apps can do. With some computers able to operate entirely through a single browser, more companies will be focused on the potential of what browsers can do. Apps, as such, will increasingly be focused through multiple platforms, just as commonly seen on mobile operating systems than on Firefox or Google Chrome. It'll also become increasingly popular for many brands and organizations to focus on going and remaining live at all times, working harder in the creation process to protect against the potential of any downtime.

Development dangers also focused upon
WhaTech added that with more than 80 percent of mobile app users having security complaints at different points of time, app developers are also focusing on better methods of protection. As such, they're increasingly implementing different protective measures that can protect against security damages. One example is that of insecure data storage, where an app has a direct login without any protection. This will only make it easier for attackers to steal information in an easier fashion than ever.

Another important focus comes from weak controls on the server side of the operation. Many applications can't access all networks at one time, and often break their own limits by doing so. Being sure that an application can adequately connect to the processes it needs to will be a key strategy to protect many users' information. Weak encryption methods will also be a feature of the past, as IT teams are increasingly creating their own algorithms to ensure no outside forces can crack them.