Mobile security supports its proliferation

August 12, 2015

Mobile technology has significantly altered the daily routine of standard consumers and businesses around the globe. Its strong security has contributed heavily to its swift rise. However, as more consumers and enterprises find different uses for mobile solutions, security will become a larger focus for this branch of the tech industry.

Malware study highlights sturdiness of mobile technology
One of the most appealing aspects of mobile technology is the strength of its security. Damballa, a mobile security vendor, keeps track of approximately half of all mobile data traffic in the U.S. The company found that 9,688 phones of a total 151 million showed signs of an infection, according to CIO.

A growing number of business leaders are leveraging new corporate technologies to streamline operations and get the most out their work days.And while an infection rate of 0.0064 percent is extremely low, Charles Lever, a senior scientific researcher with Damballa, said that the figure continues to decline. He added that most smartphones in the U.S. get applications from the official app stores, and these platforms do an effective job of evading malicious apps.

“Yes, people may be finding some more malware samples,” he told the news outlet. “But in the U.S., we have strong first-party markets for your mobile devices. If you’re going to install applications, you’re most likely to go to Google Play or the Apple App Store. Both of those are curated and have kill switches, so if apps are installed on user devices, they can remove them en masse from both the markets and the devices themselves.”

Verizon report affirms strength of mobile security
In a recent investigative report on data breaches, Verizon found that cyberattacks and malware are quite infrequent, ZDNet reported. The report found that an average of 100 smartphones per week out of tens of millions of Android devices were compromised.

That said, threats that target mobile technology are still underdeveloped. But as the solutions continue to become an increasingly central part of daily life and the business world, security measures will need to tighten up.

“We are not saying that we can ignore mobile devices – far from it,” the report noted, according to the news outlet. “Mobile devices have clearly demonstrated their ability to be vulnerable. What we are saying is that we know the threat actors are already using a variety of other methods to break into our systems, and we should prioritize our resources to focus on the methods that they’re using now.”