Mobile innovation bolsters patient-physician experience

April 15, 2015

Mobile technology continues to become an increasingly central part of the business world and standard consumer activity. However, it has also morphed into a vital aspect of the healthcare sector. The good news for medical professionals is that developers continue to push the boundaries of technological development.

The 2015 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference has served as an epicenter of mobile innovation. Tech businesses of all kinds are leveraging their expertise on digital functionality and combining that with practical solutions for healthcare providers. As a result, physicians will have new ways to streamline operations and improve their abilities to respond to the needs of patients.

Tactio unveils comprehensive healthcare app
The Tactio Health Group, a science-based mobile solutions provider, has partnered with Influence Health, a digital consumer engagement platform, to unveil its comprehensive healthcare app for the 2015 HIMSS conference.

The two groups have developed a mobile resource that aggregates patient-generated data, health tracker devices and electronic health record data from disparate systems. The tool aims to help consumers keep pace with their health in a tangible way.

“With Influence Health and Tactio, patients can track their health on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices,” said Michael Nadeau, the president, CEO and founder and Tactio Health Group. “They can receive the coaching and education to live healthier lifestyles and better control chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease].”

Peter Kuhn, the CEO of Influence Health, said that the power of the technology lies in the fact that it allows healthcare groups to interact with patients outside of hospitals to promote healthy living.

Panasonic releases array of healthcare solutions
Panasonic System Communications Company of North America debuted at the conference a wide range of mobile healthcare solutions, such as new mobile computing tools and digital media solutions to bolster patient engagement. For example, the Toughpad 4K Tablet aims to provide an immersive kind of patient-physician consultation through video applications.

“The focus on interoperability has been an increasingly critical challenge that healthcare professionals must face,” Jamil King, the national sales manager for Panasonic, told the news outlet. “As the Internet of Things idea has become more prevalent in the healthcare industry, we’re seeing providers looking for solutions that offer more than the sum of their parts and have the potential to increase security, elevate efficiency and deliver improved patient outcomes.”