Mobile Communications can Improve Business Continuity

February 6, 2013

Companies are rapidly adopting mobile solutions, primarily to take advantage of the convenience and cost savings of bring your own device initiatives. But there another significant benefit that comes with implementing enterprise mobility strategies: improved unified communications (UC).

According to a recent BroadSoft survey, employees are increasingly demanding better technology for communication.

“The survey reflects the fact that workers are frustrated with everyday communications services, such as voicemail and email, and that they have a growing interest in mobile unified communications capabilities,” said Leslie Ferry, vice president of marketing at BroadSoft.

The report revealed that workers are extremely frustrated with these out-of-date technologies because they force them to wait on information (cited by 78 percent of respondents) and make it difficult to contact someone in a timely manner (69 percent). Nearly 70 percent of respondents believe integrated mobile unified communications would offer an improvement. 

In addition, UC would also enable employees to provide better customer service, according to a report by Unified Communications Strategies. Cloud-based technology would be particularly beneficial because it would allow workers to access mobile applications from anywhere, which in turn would help them answer customers in a more timely manner.