Mobile Apps are Sparking Job Creation across America

March 7, 2013

Mobile solutions are making our lives more convenient and efficient on a daily basis – but the benefits don't end there. The booming app industry is also pumping more jobs into our economy, the Wall Street Journal reports.

IT jobs are obviously a huge component of that – new employment is springing up every day for app programmers and marketers, jobs that didn't exist a decade ago. But it goes deeper than that – everyone from clothing merchants to taxi drivers is finding ways to use mobile apps to accelerate their businesses. You don't need a computer science degree to make money off of the mobile app boom. All you need is a marketable skill and a little bit of ingenuity.

Mobile marketplaces are stronger than ever before. Seemingly everyone with something to sell is using an app to do so.

"It's a great way to make your car payment by renting your car, or making rent by renting your apartment," California venture capitalist Patricia Nakache said.

Mobile apps are slowly taking over our lives. VentureBeat has an impressive stockpile of data on just how prevalent they've become – mobile consumption now occupies 127 minutes of the average person's day, putting it behind TV (168 minutes) but well ahead of web browsing (70 minutes) in Americans' hearts. Who needs a PC when you can browse a device that's much smaller and more convenient?

The money is there, too. App revenues have grown 129 percent annually since 2008, VentureBeat reported, and even apps that don't cost a dime are cranking out profits. In-app revenue from ads and virtual goods is soaring.

"This industry did not exist in 2008, but in the last year, $18 billion in revenue was generated from mobile apps," said Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry. "It's taken the web about 16 years to get huge, but mobile is matching that in about four."

Not everyone has landed a full-time job in the mobile app industry. The Wall Street Journal profiled several individuals who used apps merely to make a little bit of cash on the side – a tech support specialist in Texas, a chauffeur coordinator in California, an electronics salesman also in California. Working with apps isn't necessarily their life's passion, but it's a great way to drum up some part-time income.

Mobile apps have a number of uses in our daily lives – games, social media, news. But these days, they're a great way for Americans to make a few extra bucks as well.