Microsoft Offering Cash Bonuses for Developing Windows 8 Apps

March 22, 2013

Microsoft is still looking for ways to drum up support for Windows 8 migration, and they now appear to have devised a new strategy – the corporation is offering software developers up to $2,000 to create applications specifically for the new operating system, Information Week reports.

Microsoft's app market currently offers fewer titles than any of its competitors, and consumer awareness of apps for Windows 8 remains low. In an effort to drive more innovation, Microsoft is offering $100 for each app published before June 30, up to 20 apps. No more than 10 apps can be submitted for a single platform, so developers can write 10 for Windows 8 and 10 for Windows Phone 8 to maximize their earnings.

The app development initiative may be a big shot in the arm for an operating system that sorely needs one. According to ZDNet, Windows 8 ranked fourth in OS market share in February, behind three other Microsoft products – Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista all dwarfed the 2.67 percent share held by Windows 8.

Microsoft has already tried a number of initiatives to encourage app development, everything from promotional videos to hackathons to partnerships with app websites. But nothing speaks louder than cold, hard cash, so this latest venture will likely be the company's best yet.