May BLS Report Doesn’t Take Into Account Skills Gap & Hiring Challenges

June 14, 2016

Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports for May indicate temporary help employment showed little change for the month of May, according to seasonally adjusted data released last week. But staffing employment was .4 percent higher than May of last year.

The BLS Report also indicates the unemployment rate declined from 5% in April to 4.7% in May – largely due to people dropping out of the labor force due to retirement or through job search discouragement.

skills-gap-hampering-scale-upsTotal U.S. nonfarm payroll employment only saw a slight increase, rising by 38,000 jobs in May, seasonally adjusted. Incorporating revisions from March and April, the BLS shows monthly job gains averaged 116,000 per month over the past three months – less than the average of 219,000 for the prior previous 12 months.

“What does not jump out of today’s jobs report is the fact American employers across many sectors are still facing significant hiring and skills gap challenges,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and chief executive officer of the American Staffing Association. “At a time when the labor market participation rate has fallen to 62.6%, businesses report they have close to six million open jobs they cannot fill.”

Experts at Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) agree with Wahlquist. “We see this every single day as we are helping clients find the most qualified, experienced candidates for their open positions,” said Larry Thompson, Managing Director for DISYS’ Healthcare services group.

“Companies come to us discouraged after months of trying to find a qualified candidate on their own. It is a costly, time-consuming endeavor.”

Staffing firms like DISYS ease the staffing burden for businesses across the country on a daily basis. This is further proven in the BLS numbers which show search and placement service jobs are on the rise for the third straight month. In April, staffing firms provided placement for more than 319,000 professionals — 9 percent higher than the same month last year.

“We are certain this trend will continue,” Thompson said. “Staffing firms are at an advantage when it comes to finding qualified candidates to fill specialized positions due to our vast pool of candidates – and this pool grows daily as more and more of the unemployed who possess specialized skills turn to us for placement.”

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