Layered Strategy Best Way to Enhance Cloud Security

December 12, 2012

Cloud computing appears to be the way of the future for the corporate world, as the vast majority of enterprises are expected to have at least one cloud-based function in the next few years. As such, an estimated 10 percent of IT security capabilities are expected to be based in the cloud by 2015, according to a recent Gartner study.

However, relying entirely on cloud vendors to deliver security may not be the best idea. In a recent blog for AOL Government, Vic Berger, director of technology at Affigent, suggested that companies adopt a multi-layered strategy to safeguard cloud-based networks and data:

Traditional measures: While traditional security strategies are not always enough to combat cloud-based risks, they should not be ignored either. For example, data encryption is a great way to prevent information leakage in the event of breaches.

Authentication: Companies should use authentication methods to control who is able to access corporate networks. This could include multi-step authentication (requiring at least a username and password to log in) or location-based restriction, which provides protection against international hackers.

Multiple vendors: Berger suggested that organizations contract a second cloud computing vendor to improve disaster recovery and business continuity.