Job market for cloud professionals grows as maneuverability becomes key

October 20, 2014

People looking to get into IT careers have never had a more friendly job market as the one they are finding themselves in today. While other industries are slow to regain their job numbers in the years following the recession, the tech and IT world is teeming with opportunities ripe for the taking.

Growing IT jobs – cloud professionals in high demand
Unemployment in the tech sector remains impressively low. In fact, as InfoWorld reported, the unemployment rate in the industry was only 2.7 percent in the third quarter – less than half of the national unemployment rate of 5.9 percent throughout all industries last month.

IT in particular has fared well, but few in the tech world have enjoyed quite as rosy a job market as cloud professionals. For workers with this designation, employment is as close to a guarantee as one can find – cloud professionals boast a 1.8 percent unemployment rate. InfoWorld noted that cloud data processing, hosting, and related services picked up 5,600 new positions in the third quarter. This came after the field added 2,100 positions in the previous quarter.

The cloud brings enterprise what it wants – maneuverability
Mobile, social and cloud computing technology are quickly becoming affordable, even for the leanest operations. This means that what was once the competitive advantage of only the most resource-dominant companies – the ability to be efficient and effective at scale – is now in the domain of a wider pool of businesses.

Forbes wrote that this means just having these technologies isn't enough anymore. What companies need now is to use those capabilities to be more maneuverable. Maneuverability comes when technology meets a highly skilled and responsive team of people with the ability to stop on a dime and change with ever-evolving business conditions. The potential for efficiency the cloud brings can only be unlocked by the people using it – the cloud professionals in such a high demand today.

The convergence of cloud computing technology with the human capital that can harness its potential makes it possible for businesses of all size to operate at scale. IT professionals who can provide these skills to businesses will be unlikely to find themselves out of work. Instead, they will be at the vanguard, ushering in the age of maneuverability.