IT sector experiencing global rise

February 13, 2015

The emergence of cloud computing, among other forms of digital technology at the workplace, have streamlined operations for businesses and completely reshaped the contemporary office place. Companies have never before been so dependent on tech engineers and IT managers.

The rising U.S. economy has significantly bolstered consumer confidence and, in turn, business activity throughout the country. This has created a healthy demand for IT workers from a wide range of industries. No matter the sector, many businesses are now able to expand their operations and ramp up their data center capacities.

There are many different employment opportunities that are currently available for tech engineers, even those without much experience. The industry’s hiring upswing can be felt at not just regional or national levels, but at the global level as well.

Tech sector thriving in the St. Louis area
According to the St. Louis Business Journal, tech startups in St. Louis will hire nearly 900 more employees over the course of 2015. If this figure comes to fruition, it will bring the number of tech workers in St. Louis to a total of almost 2,000, a record high.

These figures were culled from the ITEN St. Louis Tech Startup Report, which includes only the 150 businesses within the ITEN network. This means that the actual figures in the region are even greater.

“The reality is there is not enough money to support all of the good deals, and those that do not get support often won’t get enough,” Jim Brasunas, the executive director of ITEN, told the news outlet. “For many entrepreneurs, the choices will be to die on the vine, move to where the money is or find new ways to do more with less.”

IT firm in Dublin announces 100 vacancies
IT Alliance Group, a Dublin-based IT firm, recently announced that it has 100 job vacancies, according to the Irish Times. The company has 66 positions available in its IT outsourcing operation, 27 positions in its resourcing branch and another seven jobs at Auxilion, a subsidiary. This news indicates that the IT swell is not just an American trend.

“We have noticed a significant increase in demand as a result of growing business confidence since the summer,” Dara Mullen, IT Alliance Group’s director of people and talent, told the news outlet. “This is reflected in the fact that in 2015, companies are looking to hire IT teams rather than one or two contractors, as was the case last year.”