IT jobs skills gap growing, leading to new education approach

April 3, 2014

In the world of IT jobs, there are always a few select skills that employers will have higher demand for than others. Knowing what the best skills are to implement during a job search is almost guaranteed to help anyone's efforts in the long term, and some schools are even restructuring their educational programs to better meet these markets.

According to, software engineering and development is one of the biggest demands for current companies, some of which are desperate to find the right person for the job. Engineers with strong fundamentals can quickly learn any language they specifically need. Of those, the Apple operating system iOS and Ruby on Rails, used for a number of purposes, would be good choices.

So many businesses have gone all-in on mobile solutions technology in their everyday activities that the demand around the country for engineers has outpaced supply, one IT expert told the news source. As such, businesses are struggling to find quality developers.

Development isn't all that's needed in the industry, either. Some recruiters and employers have been striving to find workers who can control Linux languages and network security needs. It's also becoming more difficult when it comes to filling roles for relatively new technology such as the big data analysis tool Hadoop.

Tech firms open coding schools
According to the Triangle Business Journal, an increasing trend in the world of IT has been the development of new coding academies. Some firms, fed up with the struggle of finding qualified workers, are instead taking initiative and creating new educational opportunities. Some positions can take the company four months to fill, and building a new educational opportunity for employees can be a good tool.

The average code academy is essentially a development boot camp, where students are put through three months of rigorous coding education. While no experience is necessary, the leaders have noted that it's hard work to complete, which can make the educational system more difficult than some would expect.

With the growth of code academies comes a new source of job security and confidence for IT job seekers. Companies ranging from small app developers to larger security and development businesses are all actively seeking workers for a variety of roles and skills, meaning any worker who can fit these roles can see career growth with the proper emphasis on a resume.