IT jobs ranked happiest, with new efforts pointing toward changes

March 21, 2014

When one considers IT jobs, they wouldn’t expect the roles to be enjoyable as much as they are difficult. However, it’s been found that some of the happiest jobs in the entire workforce come from the IT job industry.

According to Forbes, a recent job study found that some of the happiest employees in the world are in positions such as database administration. That ranked as the happiest position in the entire industry, with reasonable salaries and demand on the rise to the tune of 15 percent industry growth through 2022. Its popularity has only grown as well, with technology moving to the center of most companies’ needs. Database administrators ensure the entire company infrastructure is prepared for any moves. The position gained especially high marks for the quality of their tasks and their job control.

The second-most positive position was also an IT job, in quality assurance engineering. These workers test and monitor software to make sure it’s going to run well. It entails policing bugs and maintaining databases, and its importance is also rising in the near future. Work environments are especially notable in this industry. Software developers and designers also made the top 10, ranking in sixth and seventh respectively.

Job roles shifting
IT jobs may see further improvements in perceived quality in the near future thanks to a new trend taking precedence in the market. More flexibility is expected to be the main takeaway, according to Sungard, with contractors and work-from-home staff to take new placement in the industry as a whole.

In the future, it’s expected that the ease of hiring new talent will sharply rise thanks to the newfound interest in temporary hires for important needs. IT staffing companies will likely take a larger slice of the market, for instance, as they will be able to connect talented IT employees with companies requiring their skills. New websites like oDesk and OnForce may also ease market concerns by allowing for better connectivity between these employees and their potential employers. About 1,000 contractors sign up for the website every month, and they’re quickly matched to companies needing their skills.

As take-home assignments may soon become the norm in the industry, workers should adjust their expectations. They may work in teams or alone on projects big or small, with many opportunities to expand their roles and experience and become more valuable to their employers.