IT jobs market open to a variety of skills

February 24, 2014

In the fast-moving environment of the usual IT jobs, new skills and programming languages can mean that an entire wing of the industry requires new knowledge or opens up new career paths in as short as a year. Many industry professions are seeing heavy improvement thanks to the fast-moving economy.

According to Network World, that can be seen in the US News and World Report's most recent best job listings, as for the first time, a tech job ranked as the best job in America. That position, software development, spiked six spots to become this year's highest-growing profession. If that wasn't enough, job growth should continue another 22.8 percent through the next decade or so. Why is software development so popular? It's likely due to a mixture of its positive qualities and rapidly changing guidelines, as in less than a year a brand-new language can become popular enough to build careers out of.

The second-best job in America is also tech related, the news source continued. Computer systems analysts missed the top job spot by .2 percent thanks to its high mobility and flexibility in the position, though it earns less than some more prominent situations like systems administrators and database administrators.

Unemployment falling as numerous jobs improve
What's more, the market as a whole is becoming much more welcoming for many tech companies. eWeek reports that according to he most recent Dice survey, unemployment as a whole for tech professionals fell from 3.9 to 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, edging down from the previous year's figures. This is somewhat thanks to more perceived upward mobility, as 42 percent of tech-focused managers in charge of hiring noted more employees leaving.

A large cause of that exodus was a brighter employment picture. Unemployment improved for at least eight specific disciplines in 2013, including but not limited to software and Web developers, administrators of databases and systems, and programmers. While the rate of growth in consulting fell slightly in that same time, that specific category represents 1.7 million employed professionals.

Experts have noted that the increased rate of voluntary departures has had other positive effects for the job market, as it opens up multiple opportunities. Not only will the employee leaving the job have a new opportunity, but they'll also create a new position for another professional. Paired with lower layoff figures, many employers will likely spend the next year trying to retain current professionals.