IT Infrastructure Support Industry Expected to Grow Rapidly through 2016

February 26, 2013

As cloud computing continues to pervade the public sector, a new Gartner report highlights one area that's seeing an especially high level of spending: IT infrastructure support.

In particular, Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a booming area to watch this decade. It's no surprise that cloud computing is on the rise – up 18.6 percent in 2012, to be exact – but IaaS is expected to see even faster growth. Gartner predicts a compound annual growth rate of 41.3 percent for IaaS through 2016, making it the fastest-growing area within cloud computing.

According to Business2Community, there are a number of benefits to IaaS. For instance: In-house computer infrastructure, software and other elements are rendered unnecessary, leading to reduced expenses and reduced energy consumption. As a result, users will experience greater financial flexibility, which benefits businesses of all sizes.

Unsurprisingly, Gartner found that while cloud computing is a global movement, the Americas are at the forefront. The new report estimates that 59 percent of all cloud spending originates from North American enterprises, and that figure should only grow over the next three years. Western Europe lags behind at 24 percent.