IT Departments Could be at Center of Business Innovation Going Forward

January 8, 2013

Business leaders have traditionally been responsible for driving innovation. However, Andi Mann, vice president of strategic solutions at CA Technologies and co-author of recently released book "The Innovative CIO: How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Transformation," recently suggested that IT departments are increasingly playing a role in that regard.

"Today's CIOs understand the need to innovate quickly to help create new business opportunities, to find faster, easier and cheaper ways of completing tasks, and ultimately, to unlock their company's full potential in order to remain competitive," Mann said.

In a recent blog for Constellation Research, Alea Fairchild, vice president and principal analyst at Technology Infrastructure Strategy, highlighted some of the ways IT jobs are beginning to take on the role of innovation. While technical support and enhancing efficiency remain most important, Fairchild argued that IT departments are largely responsible for simplifying processes. Making things as simple as possible, she said, is one way to promote innovation.

Another role that is becoming essential for IT professionals is analytics. In particular, companies are investing substantially in big data programs – Gartner predicted IT spending on big data will reach $34 billion in 2013 – largely to tap into content and social network analytics.