In IT jobs, new technologies and long-term interest can boost resumes

May 19, 2014

IT jobs are always changing, a side effect of the industry itself, which sees its tides ebb and flow depending on the technologies being introduced. As such, when workers are looking to find new job opportunities, they should turn to emerging trends as well as what companies are expecting from future hires.

According to ComputerWorld, there are several new tech titles growing quickly throughout the industry, many of them drawing new attention to growing areas of technology. One of the fastest-expanding is that of augmented reality roles, which were once the stuff of science fiction but are quickly becoming a new reality. While many businesses are eschewing the technology for now, some organizations are looking to use AR for new internal purposes, and as such many companies are starting to look for workers with skills in the virtual world.

The rapidly expanding Internet of Things is another point of emphasis for the industry's growing strength of employment. As more and more devices are going to need new connectivity possibilities, workers who can get them in contact with the Internet itself are going to be in high demand. There will be as many as 30 billion wireless devices in the market by 2020, an expansion of 200 percent from today's marketplace, according to ComputerWorld. That will lead to improved employment rates in the near future.

Marketing technology growing
A third area of growth in IT comes from marketing technology, which is increasingly being written specifically to help companies meet advances in the general Internet. More than 80 percent of organizations with more than $500 million in annual revenue have already hired chief marketing technologists, all the better to make sense of new software development opportunities.

Another corner of web design that's drawing new interest is responsive web design, the concept that one's website design should carry over to all formats no matter how a user looks at it. In other words, tech companies want employees who will know how to translate web design from desktops to mobile devices and back with little need for resizing or scrolling.

Glassdoor added that recruiters have found that many job seekers are interested in moving early and often in their careers. As many as 25 percent of all employees in the tech industry plan to look for new positions in the near future. As a result, longevity or long-term skill in some positions may be a key way to position oneself for a new opportunity.